Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Blog for Brian Simnjanovski

UPDATED: 9/23/14

God Bless and thanks for thinking of and visiting my brother.  

This blog has been created for family and friends
in remembrance of my late brother,

Brian Simnjanovski.

*If you have photos please email them to*

I will begin posting pictures and stories folks send me over the next few weeks, months and years. There are a lot of pictures out on the web, in our digital cameras or on our phones of Brian and I'd like for all of us to get together and share them with our family.

God bless everyone who assists me in this attempt to compile photos, stories, etc about my wonderful brother.

Brian giving me a hug rights after delivering his "Best Man" speech.

(The Maniactions! Ben, Brian, Scott & Derek).

Tyler's Graduation! Ben, Brian, Tyler & Riste

Brian at the University of Redlands (at Riste's old place)

(Riste & Lauren's engagement shindig) Ben, Brian & Tyler

Brian - Pre-Season with the New York Jets a few years ago.

Brian & Tyler C.R. at the wedding

Brian & Riste walking around the courtyard
of a castle in Germany.

Brian gets ready for the Jacksonville Jaguars when he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Jacksonville's Alltel Stadium - Saturday August 26, 2006)

Brian playing with the AZ Cardinals vs SD Chargers (in San Diego). That night he said he felt at home since they were playing in San Diego, but that he felt like a "traitor" since he'd always been a Chargers fan :)

Brian, Preseason with the Bucs.

Brian, giving me a kiss on the cheek for no apparent reason at Jovan's house.
Brian, preseason messing around with Randy Chevrier at Jets practice.

Brian & Lola!

Brian pregame (SDSU v USC).

Brian & X.

Brian punting at SDSU v Illinois

Brian, during practice, holding for our cousin
Tommy Kirovski at SDSU

B and dad....Brian reminds us how much fun he's having!
Brian playing an Alkaline Trio tune at the old Escondido house.
Brian playing the bass...he's looking at Tyler C.R. standing on the end of his bed with his guitar - rocking out in the old Escondido house.
Brian, with Xavier B. and an opponent, laughing pregame.
Brian, post-game in Amsterdam

Brian & Xavier B.

Brian sleeping on the couch with Lady

Brian & Riste in Germany.

Helping out at Riste's house

Brian, getting ready to work at an away game in Koln, Germany.

Just outside Berlin.

Us at the new house.

The family at church.

A link to his online obituary

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